We ensure that every event is attended by smiling and attentive staff and highlighted by unforgettable cuisine marked by consistently simple, yet elegantly prepared meals, using only the finest, freshest and most local ingredients available.  Maintaining exemplary customer service; extending knowledge, warmth, graciousness, professionalism and integrity in our work, we enhance client experiences.  Our commitment to meticulously execute all details so that the client can simply enjoy the event, and every deliciously, well-served bite is why our catering services are a step above the competition.



In a quaint diner in Mt. Lookout Square, on Memorial Day in 1978, a dream was born. Front of the House Manager from Stouffer’s Hotel had met and married Back of the House Kitchen Manager and Registered Dietician, also from Stouffer’s, and they opened their restaurant and catering business. The business was an instant success. Only one hiccup in the business plan was that Nancy Ward, Chef, Kitchen Manager and Dishwasher went into labor with her third child that first day. Tom Ward, Host, Restaurant Manager, Waiter and Busboy had to call in family to feed the customers while they rushed to the hospital. That was the day Village Pantry Catering, a family owned and operated business, was born.

For over 34 years, Village Pantry Catering has provided simple but elegantly prepared meals to parties ranging from 12 to 1200.  Renowned for its professional and courteous staff, exquisite taste and presentation of food, Village Pantry is the local standard in Greater Cincinnati. Village Pantry offers a wide range of catering services to some of the city’s most coveted venues, as well as some hidden gems.  As the exclusive caterer to the Sharonville Convention Center for over 18 years, and among the exclusive caterers to Cincinnati Park Properties, Music Hall, Masonic Temple, Glendale Lyceum and many others, they have created thousands of unforgettable meals and unique events.




ADAM WARD – Corporate Catering
25 years catering experience, paired with a calm and sensible disposition, Adam knows how to win the confidence of his clients. He is organized and efficient, granting clients the surety of professionalism crucial for important corporate functions.


JAY WARD – Special Events
Jay has worked for Village Pantry his entire working career. His passion for his craft shines through in the events he manages and is echoed with copious accolades from his clients. Jay specializes in capturing visions and executing them with style and panache. He is extremely detail-oriented and dedicated to his clients.


JOY WARD – Banquet Manager
Joy joined the VPC team full-time in 2006, but has had vast prior experience in all facets of catering. Versatile and attentive, Joy has a special gift of answering her clients’ requests, even before they ask, allowing them more time with their guests to relax and enjoy the event.


JILL HELTMAN – Sales and Marketing Manager
Jill stepped into the Sales and Marketing realm in 2012, but has also experienced a very full
career in all aspects of catering. Jill is passionate about fine food and outstanding events. She believes the key to any successful event is finding a balance between upscale elegance and a rocking, good party.  


CATHY KREINER – Wedding Specialist
Cathy joined the VPC team in 1997; just months after the catering operation expanded to include a reception center and moved to Loveland. Her veritable interpersonal skills landed her the coveted position as Wedding Specialist. She is enthusiastic about all things concerning weddings and dedicated to her brides.